Baby Radness…

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Due to the lack of fun fly threads for little peeps, I created the new tee and onesie line called 4 eva eva.

This little dude is the whole inspiration behind the line. Here are a few pics from our photo shoot.  All styles are available for purchase on our Facebook page ( 4 eva eva)

Stay posted,  our website will be up soon. We are also looking for baby models, contact us with pictures.

4 eva eva, keeping the lil ones’ fly…


T. Kilburn xo

Yes I did …

Love theseI love these 3I love these 2Splurge…

That is exactly what I did. Most would say this is not a practical purchase. I on the other hand felt the exact opposite.  I am a huge Van’s fan and thought I would never stray. These Rottweiler Givenchy slides were a game changer for me, they had to be mine.  You can find these bad boys at forward by Elyse Walker.


T. Kilburn xo

Denim, Mother cropped looker, Tee , James Pearse

Pump it up!

Pump 2 Jean Michelle CazabatPump 3 Louboutinpump 1 Marc Jacobspump 4 Manolo Blahnik


Fall is here…

As far as heels go, pumps are by far the most comfortable and easy to wear.  I am not a basic black kind of girl.  I love to add color, texture, and prints to my  shoes, pumps in particular.  Here are a few of my favorite styles I am wearing for Fall.


T. Kilburn xo


Labor Day Sale at Loeffler Randall

Back in the day,

I started selling Loeffler Randall at Sway and Cake when they were just getting started. The brand has grown so much but still maintains it’s Radness. I am loving their shoes and handbags, especially their new pony hair high top sneakers !!!. I wanted to share their success and tell you about their Labor Day sale. They currently have some awesome boots, sneakers, and heels that you don’t want to miss out on.

Loeffler Randall




Shake Your Bootie

Fall is almost here, check out my favorite ankle booties so far.

Yes, Yes,Yes, this is my favorite time of the year, boot season !

I think it is always good to have at least one brown and one black ankle bootie for the season.  I am boot crazy so I like to also add a printed bootie, and possibly a color bootie as well.  If you have to narrow it down maybe go for a print or color instead of a brown or black basic.  I have also noticed grey booties are making a strong presence this season.  Make sure when selecting your booties you can wear them for more than one season.  I love all the embellished styles, just make sure they are not too trendy, and you will not get sick of them after awhile.  If you want a comfortable style with a heel, take a look at the Rag and Bone styles.  I still have a pair that have stayed in my rotation after two years.  The Seattle seasons offer a long window of time to get plenty of use, so I always justify  splurging.

Check out the styles above, they can all be paired nicely with skinny jeans or a nice ponti cropped trouser…


T. Kilburn xo

Planning the 1st B-day Party

1st B-day1st B-dayHomegrown1st B-dayGo Dad !Baby and PuppyBaby Crown


Planning the first Birthday Party was the easy part.  The actual execution?  Well, lets just say it was a little harder than I thought.  The set up, the breakdown, by the time it was all over and the final cleanup was complete I was exhausted.  I have a strange feeling the baby will remember nothing, but surviving your first year is cause for celebration.  After thinking of all the pros and cons of having the party at my home,  I decided to have the party at a park alongside Lake Washington.  The day was beautiful and sunny, perfect for a picnic party.

Let’s talk about the highlights…

Everything looked great; the food, cupcakes, and all the party favors turned out just as planned.  The sun was out and the set up was relatively easy (other than my husband having to drag a heavy picnic table across the park).  Tate’s guests all came and the kids all had fun.  I made a few amateur mistakes, but in time I will get this party throwing thing down, after all, I have many more birthday parties in my future.

Things I would have done differently…

First, I would have allowed myself more time to get ready, I was really sweatin’ it getting myself ready and setting up.  I would have enlisted more help, this is a mistake I make often.  I would stop fussing and running around so I too, could enjoy the party.  Next year wine will be served, I could have used one, that’s for sure!  I will also not do the following…

Order too much food

Tangle the balloons (bummer)

Cupcake pushing

Be the photographer, party planner, and host…Pick one!!

After all was said and done, the baby was happy, the guests had fun, and I managed to push most of the leftovers on to others.  Next year I will have a small mellow affair, take all the advice I was given by my mom friends, and focus on having fun myself :)

Till next year …


T. Kilburn xo