My Top 8 Tees

These 8 Tee’s will keep you lookin’ cool, and start a few conversations.

I am a big t-shirt girl, especially if there is a special detail or graphic. You can wear them with jeans, or under a blazer depending on the tee. I have retailed and personally purchased a few of the brands above. The Current/Elliot tees are a little more in price but the quality is there. I have both colors of the Fine Line bow tie tee and  love them. I suggest ordering a size down, because they run big. I am going to try the Eleven Paris Kate Moss, and the Sincerely Jules tee’s next.  I will keep you posted…


T Kilburn

Do you want beautiful skin ?

Skin Tonic Juice

While cruising through Whole Foods, I noticed the new magazine, Naturally, by Green Living expert, Danny Seo.  I just started to get back into juicing and the beautiful cover with the top 12 juice & smoothie superstars, roped me in.

I tried 2 of the 12 recipes, the skin tonic juice for me, and the apple, strawberry and lime for my son, Tatum.  Both were super good and easy to make, plus there were not too many ingredients, which is a plus for me.  To get started, I dusted off my Breville juice fountain elite I purchased it through Amazon. Its a pretty powerful juicer, I have really liked how easy it is to use.  The only downside to juicing for me is the clean up, ah the clean up.  I guess since I am always cleaning something up in my kitchen, what’s one more thing?  I shared the recipes below, and if you get a chance check out the new Naturally magazine, a good read with ton’s of good recipes.

Naturally Danny Seo

Skin Tonic Juice

By: Katrina Van Wyk


1/2 lemon

1 cup leafy green, kale, spinach ( I chose spinach)

1 cucumber

1/2 mango

handful of cilantro

Make it:

Put all ingredients through juicer, enjoy !


Apple Strawberry & Lime

An awesome alternative to sugary drinks, plus you can freeze for popsicles, woo hoo !


2 apples

10 fresh strawberries

1 lime

Make it :

Put all ingredients through juicer, yum !



T Kilburn xo

Friday Favs: Cool Pre-Fall Flats

1.  Love these comfy leopard flats by J Pliner, Neiman Marcus

2. These grey d’Orsay Flats haves just the right amount of flare, Shopbop

3. Metal tip slides,very cool, Neiman Marcus

4.  Bust your budget with theses bad boy’s, Neiman Marcus

5.  A simple gold flat goes with everything, Shopbop

6.  Jazz up a simple black flat, Neiman Marcus

7. Simple classis, Shopbop

8. Love stripes ? Try these, Nordstrom

9. Red is such a nice pop of color, Shopbop

10. Splurge, Splurge, these are insane, Elyse Walker

11. Ane evil eye on a flat, genius, Elyse Walker

12. So cute, and lace is big right now, Shopbop

Check out some of these styles, a good pair of  flats can give you a lot of milage, and comfort for those crazy running around kind of day’s

Have a good weekend,


T Kilburn

They grow up so fast


Those eyesAlmost walkingJust Chillin'Tatum and MeHey Mama

Almost One…

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I had this little guy!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been told, “enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast”.  Tatum is getting so tall and almost walking.  His hair is starting to grow and little teeth are finally coming in.

I am always tired, but I have never laughed or smiled more in my whole life.  It takes me twice as long to get my work finished because I am on “Tatum time” now, and for at least the next 17 years!  I am enjoying all the little things, like going to the park or for a walk.  Today we are just hanging out on my sweet bandana picnic blanket (thank you Penny) and enjoying the weather, which has been amazing.  Enjoy all the precious moments, Happy Friday!


T Kilburn xo

Tatum outfit: Old Navy

My outfit: tee American Vintage, shorts Gap, shoes Won Hundred

Jean shorts and Booties


Hombre Style


Mother Denim

Chanel Aviators

Chan Luu Wrap

boots 2



I could wear jean shorts all year long.  I wish the weather here in Seattle could back me up.  Thankfully, it’s summa summa summa,  so jean shorts it is.  I must say as far as jean shorts go I have been getting a lot of mileage from my Mother denim shorts.  In the past I used to sell many brands, but the top three were always, J-Brand, Mother, and Siwy Denim.  Today, I combined with an ombre button down shirt, and sparkle booties.  Since I am on the smaller side, I like to pair denim shorts with nude or lighter colored booties to elongate my legs.  My signature is to layer accessories, today was a little on the light side.  Threw on a classic aviator and I’m ready to go.

Happy  Sunny Tuesday,


T Kilburn

Shirt, Gap

Belt, Cocobelle

Denim Shorts, Mother Denim

Booties, Matt Bernson

Necklace and Bracelet, Chan Luu

Friday Favorites, If you want come and get it…

Come and get it…….

1. Lauren Moshi Scull Tee, Revolve

2. Pade Varvra Shark tooth necklace with diamonds, ( insanely ) cool, Pade Vavra

3. Don’t worry Beyonce, Style Stalker. Nasty Gal ,this is pretty funny…

4. Super Gals Sunnies, Piperlime

5. Distressed Paige skinny jeans, Piperlime

6. Sabine statement necklace, Piperlime

7. Loeffler Randall Tote, Loeffler Randall

8. Chan Luu silk cashmere scarf, love these !! Chan Luu

9. Red Current and Elliot Bomber, want this now!! Shopbop

10. Moto Boot, Rag and Bone, Shopbop

11. Cozy knit hat, Acne studio, Shopbop

12. Helmut Lang twist dress, smokin’, Shopbop

I am obsessing over several pieces. I am going to try the bomber with the scull tee, and the moto boots. Delish !!!

Have fun shopping.


T Kilburn xo

Oh Hey, Rachael Nov

The Lovely Rachael Nov, our July Mother Fashion Lover.

Rachael and Isaac

La Ree Boutique

Super Baby

Cutie Isaac

Rachael, Isaac, and the lovely La Ree Boutique

Rachael Nov, the owner of Bellevue based boutique La Ree.

I wanted to catch up with Rachael to see how she manages to run the super popular trend destination La Ree while wrangling her little baby Isaac. Although Rachael and I have been acquaintances for years, not until we both had baby boys within months of each other, have we become friends. I love to visit her boutique; the brands…the brands…the brands…like Golden Goose, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang to name a few.  She has a beautiful eye and fantastic style. Lets catch up with her and find out more…

What are you currently working on?   I am gearing up for Spring/Summer market, looking for some new designers to bring to our current mix.

Where is your favorite place to shop ?   Ummmm, La Ree Boutique :)

Favorite Place to shop for Isaac ?  Sweet William, in NYC

Favorite Splurge ? My New Jamie Joseph diamond stud earrings.

Piece of clothing you can’t live without ? My R13 boyfriend jeans, Golden Goose sneakers, Isabel Marant linen tee shirts, and always always, always carry a scarf/wrap with me !

What items in your handbag are crucial to your survival ? Aquaphor and cell phone

How are you adjusting to being a new Mom and career woman at the same time ?  I work 3 days a week right now, so it’s a nice balance.  Although, I miss him terribly when I’m away, I love what I do. It makes it easier.

Red or White ?  White

Celebrity Crush ?  Ok…Justin Timberlake or Jimmy Fallon :)

Beauty secret ?  Less is more

What or who inspires you ?  Traveling always inspires me

Favorite Trend for Fall ?  I really like mens inspired clothing, or what they are calling” norm core”

Rachael my friend, keep up the good work, xo

For more about Rachael, and La Ree boutique please visit

Bling it on !

Add some new Bling to your Life.

9 new pre-fall designs dropping now. Get first Dibs,  before we ship out to stores next week. Check out all the styles in the T Kilburn shopping section.  All necklaces can be worn with swim wear, casual jeans and tanks, or dress it up. Get one, or two and Layer…


T Kilburn xo