Sparkle and Roar..

Bow Tie

Stroll T Kilburn

T Kilburn Vintage Chanel


T Kilburn  Alexander M

T Kilburn  Stuntin'Lets do this …

Okay,  normally I would not encourage people to mix sequins, leopard , patent leather and t-shirts,  but in this case it works for  me. I was obsessed with this  t-shirt,  and so it began. The minute it was available again on Shop bop, I was all over it.  Who in their right mind doesn’t want a high quality cotton tee with a bow tie  ( no brainer ).  At first, my natural reaction was to just throw it on with a pair of beat up jeans. But wait, it get s better. Why not pair it with a vintage Chanel messenger bag, a sparkle skirt from Haute Hippie, and yes, leopard slide sandals.  I am in  trend heaven right now.  In all seriousness , I am comfortable and feel cute.  I have always mixed it up and feel blending certain trends together works.  Pair  some old with new, and you might, just might, come up with your new favorite masterpiece.

Mix it up !

Happy Tuesday,


T Kilburn xo


Hat, Vintage

SunGlasses, Alexander MqQueen

Tee, Fine Line

Skirt, Haute Hippie

Slides, Sam Edleman 

Messenger Bag, Chanel

Day N’ Nite

Cool Breezy Day to Night looks….


1. Alexander Wang Marti Washed Backpack, throw your flats in this cool back pack while you enjoy happy hour. Shopbop

2. 10 Crosby Jacket by Derek Lamb, chic and comfortable. Elysewalker

3. Eleven Paris Kate Moss tee, a must have in general. Shopbop

4. Vita Fede Titan Bracelet, this really goes with everything. Shopbop

5. T. Kilburn Geode with needles necklace, only a few left!! Shopbop

6. Nili Lotan square jersey tee, an excellent basic. Elysewalker

7. Haute Hippie Modal tank dress, easy and sexy. Elysewalker

8. Gypsy 05 silk party pant, beautiful color and fit. Revolveclothing

9. Iro Sumek Leather Mesh booties, these could go with jeans or a dress. Elysewalker

10. Elizabeth Cole Tiberia earrings, obsessed!! Shopbop

11. Black Perforated Vans, love the classics.

12. Pam and Gela flunce skirt in mint python, flirty and cool. Elysewalker


Try some of these items, and give me your feedback..

Have a rad weekend,

T Kilburn xo

Summer Camo

Summer Camo

Summer Camo Party Pants…

Okay I am a sucker for just about anything camo.  I found these cool beige camo print pants on shopbop. I was a bit surprised that they were True Religion, a brand I used to carry in my boutique many moons ago. I was a little confused, I associated the brand with white stitching and side seam flares, not a good look anymore. You don’t even want to know how many pairs I had back in the day ( SCARY ).

I paired them with my uniform, white tee, scarf, and layered jewelry.  You could wear these with heels just as easily as sneakers.  True Religion, who knew…

Kickin’ it old school…

Boom Box Bag

Boom Box Bag


The selection for diaper bags out there is, shall we say, not good, especially for Dads’.  I found this bag at Kitson Santa Barbara and fell in LOVE. I mean a ghetto blaster bag is something everybody should have in there life.  The last time I actually saw a real one of these baby’s was in my room playing some mix tape I made.  I originally wanted it for a gym bag but my Husband called dibs, and so it has become his cool Dad diaper bag.  We added a Jonathan Adler changing kit and Todd and Tate were good to go. The best part is after the diapers go away we can still use for gym, beach, whatever.  I sure do miss a good mix tape…


T Kilburn

Friday Favorites: Beach Day

Summer Summer Summer…

Time for some sun on your face and sand in your toes… Here are some of our essentials…

1. Loreal Quick Spray Sunscreen, Target

2. I am busy beach towel, shopbop  (Love this )

3. The sandal of the summer, Birkenstocks.. Try a color like red ..

4. Beach bag, by… Cool bag awesome cause, two birds one stone.

5. Splurge!!  Tom Ford Celia oversized butterfly glasses,

6. T. Kilburn Jade drop cluster necklace, looks hot with swimwear, shopbop

7. Potira Bikini Bottoms by Vix, shopbop…Sizzlin’

8. Drinks well with others muscle shirt, this is a genius shirt by current and elliot, shopbop

9. Beautiful Zoey Lace up Caftan cover up, shopbop

10. Potira Bikini Top by Vix, shopbop

11. Raffia Crochet Sunhat, shopbop

12. Keep you snacks cool with the metro basket,

Enjoy the Beach …


Oh Hello B.O.B

B.O.B Revolution CEB.O.BB.O.BS055_wThe perfect Jogging stroller ( Really )

When starting my quest to find the perfect jog stroller I was really having a tough time. There didn’t seem to be a large selection available, and unfortunately the retailers in my neighborhood didn’t carry any of the strollers I wanted to test out. The one jog stroller that kept coming up in my searches and getting good reviews was the B.O.B stroller.  At first I was not really that into it, I wanted something a little less mainstream. After looking and looking and not making any headway I was getting less and less inspired. I just did not want to make a major purchase and have to return it if I did not like it. So after looking at my pile of unworn skinny jeans pre-pregnancy, and getting a sweet coupon code on Amazon, I took it as a sign and ordered the B.O.B Revolution CE.  

Holly Smokes, I was not only happy with this product, it is probably one of my favorite kid product purchases to date. It is super easy to navigate, roomy and comfortable for the baby.  I also purchased the weather shield, cup holder and lambskin, I live in Seattle and get plenty of use of all three add-ons. I will get many years out of this stroller, I have traveled with it and love how easy it is to collapse.  There are many key  components I really like…

Multi Position Canopy; Protects rain or shine.

Large Cargo Storage below; Good bye diaper bag.

Reclining Seat; Take a snooze baby !

Swiveling front wheel; Watch out curb.

Roomy Seating for growing baby, Years of use ahead, sweet!

Since My B.O.B purchase I have been out walking daily (Sasha Our Poo-Chon is happy about that). I have been able to squeeze into a few old pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans, and I actually started running again.  The baby just loves the fresh air , and I have even been making super market stops with it instead of driving, Woah !! I love it and highly recommend…

Cheers xo

T Kilburn